How to get free Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits is virtual currency of Facebook. With Facebook Credits you can buy almost anything on facebook! You can use Facebook Credits for buying Texas HoldEm Poker chips or Farmville cash. Facebook Credits going to make your experience on facebook much more enjoyable.

Do you want to know how to get Free Facebook Credits ? Then just keep reading, I will share facebook credits vouchers with you for free! It will take you only about 1-2 minutes and you will have as much credits as you want. I created a Facebook Credits Generator. First we wanted to make this facebook credits generator downloadable but lot of people would be afraid to get viruses. So a solution I came up with was to share facebook credits vouchers with all you. All you need to do is download your facebook credit voucher!

Q: Is this FREE?
A: Yes, it's completely free but we have limited number of vouchers. So get your before it's too late! Enjoy in free facebook credits!

Q: How much facebook credit vouchers do you have?
A: Currently we have 50 vouchers. Every week we going to add new ones.

Q: How many vouchers I can download?
A: As much as you want.